Friday, August 16, 2019

Plastic Bags Good or Bad

People have argued about the use of plastic bags for a long time. The arguments for both sides seem to have more and more reasons every time. I believe that plastic bags are great for many reasons. Plastic bags convenient and take up less space in landfills than a paper bag. Plastic bags are an inelastic good. Replacing it would not be easy to do. Plastic bags are super convenient. They have many good things about them. They are light weight so it is easy to transport them and carry them. They are also cheap so we can afford to have all of them. They may be wasteful to some, but they are more helpful then they are wasteful.We can switch to a more expensive, less durable, product, or we can use plastic, an item that is extremely convenient that boast of heavy benefits. Another key feature of plastic bags is the fact that they take up less space in landfills than a paper bag. People complain about how plastic bags take up so much space and we should stop using them and switch to paper. But the facts show that a plastic bag takes up a lot less space. Official sources have stated so. If it takes up less space in landfills than the other main type of bag, why would we want to switch to something that takes up more space? It just seems totally pointless to do so.Plastic bags are here to stay. They are convenient and pollute a lot less than other bags so this makes them an inelastic good because we simply cannot find a more suitable replacement. They say to stop using plastic and to switch to other products, but I think it is a truly wonderful material. It is used to make things cheaper, lighter, and more durable. It is a staple in America, being used in everything from my surfboards to the very computer I am using to type this. The price and the uses of plastic is just too great to get rid of, so I believe that deserves to be the dominate material in society.

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